FFYX 15th Anniversary Limited edition Hi-end Air Turntable

FFYX 15th Anniversary Limited edition Hi-end Air Turntable

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FFYX 15th Anniversary Limited edition Hi-end Air Turntable

Turntable Part

Using the main and auxiliary platter structure, the main platter has a diameter of 400mm and 60mm thickness

You can see through the tachometer: the speed will not be affected after dropping the ink cartridge!

It looks simple, but many turntables can't do it! The auxiliary platter uses an air floating platter with a 60mm thickness and diameter of 300 mm. The perfect air bearing!

Base Part

The design idea of ​​the optical detection platform has four built-in position sensors and four airbags.

When a certain angle changes the position due to a forced change or other reasons, such as rising,

Then the corresponding airbag will be passed by the position sensor. Deflate operation. Similarly,

If it becomes lower, it will inflate the corresponding airbag, thus achieving active shock absorption!

This kind of active suspension effect is much better than passive suspension! The horizontal angle of the

four corners use a precise differential head, which not only supports the head with high hardness,

But also raises and lowers the foot by only one-fifth of a millimeter per turn, which can achieve very precise

level adjustment!

Tonearm Part

This tonearm is different from other air-floating arms. The arm tube is short. This design can bring more

flexible tracking performance, which results in excellent low-frequency performance: fast speed and deep

dive! The freshness of the sound and the sense of air, especially the texture of the musical instrument,

Are more in place! And the tonearm has precise instructions in multiple dimensions:

1, The top VTA scale indication: this can achieve fast VTA adjustments for changing records! Achieve

the correct VTA angle for 120g and 180g records, and it is extremely fast and convenient!

2. VTA scale indication on the side: it is convenient to adjust the VTA when changing different cartridges!

3, Front and rear position scale: easy to adjust the tangent angle when changing the cartridge!

4, Rear horizontal adjustment scale: easy to adjust the level of the arm tube!

5. Guide scale indication: It is convenient for PK equipment to need to repeat a certain piece of music!

Motor, air pump, and control part

Using a touch panel can theoretically have an infinite life! Real-time speed display, you can intuitively

Monitor the real-time speed of the turntable! The motor adopts a newly developed control system. The

speed is accurate and stable. 33 and 45 can be switched directly on the panel, and they can be adjusted

separately and accurately! The air pump has been optimized and improved, we cannot hear any noise

and the air pump has a long life!

Turntable with Air-bearing Flagship Tonearm:

Size: 520 width * 490 depth * 330 height

Total weight: 65KG

4 packages

Gross weight:75KG

Warranty: 1 year

Upgraded in 2022, details will no longer be announced

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