FFYX A181 Air-bearing Flagship Tonearm PG-plated Limited Edition

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FFYX A181 Air-bearing Flagship Tonearm Gold-plated Limited Edition

Very short effective length,
Very flexible tracking,
Excellent bass performance,
Sound clear, the air density is the very obvious sense
Air-bearing straight-line tracking tonearm
Slideway non-glossy design, not afraid of dust will not clog pores
Ultra-quiet micro-pump can be placed directly in the listening room.
Super tracking ability, 0.5g tracking force also normal tracking
Tracking force, VTA, tracking angle level of and other important parameters can Be precisely adjusted

Pump size:140W*90H*320L
Third Generation super quiet pump
Voice quiet, completely not hear the noise
large pressure exhaust uniform
Pump Input voltage: AC100-240V-50/60Hz
Package volume: 450 * 370 * 190 (mm) G.W: 9 kg

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