FFYX T203 air bearing turntable & A181 air tonearm

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FFYX T203 air-bearing turntable

Platter part: sandwich structure (copper, stainless steel, aluminum)

The base part: the design of optical detection platform, built-in four position sensor, four airbags,

When a certain angle because of force changes or other causes of the position change, such as increased,

Then through the position sensor will make the corresponding airbag discouraged operation, also,

If the corresponding will become low the airbag is inflated, to realize the active suspension!

This active shock avoidance effect is far superior to passive shock avoidance.

The four angles horizontal angle adopts a precise differential head, not only supporting the hardness of the head,

But also lifting the corresponding foot to 1/500 millimeters, so that it can achieve a very precise level adjustment.


The tonearm part: this tonearm is different from the ordinary air tonearm, tonearm pipe is short,

This design can bring more flexible tracking performance, resulting in extremely low-frequency performance excellent: fast,

Deep diving! The fresh activity of the sound and the sense of air, especially the texture of the instrument,

Is more in place! And the arm has multidimensional precision instructions:

1, the top VTA scale indication: this can achieve a fast VTA adjustment for the record! 120g and 180g records have the right VTA angle and they are very quick and convenient.

2, VTA side dial indicator: when the cartridge is easy to change to different VTA adjustments!

3, the side of the front and rear position scale: easy to replace the cartridge when the tangent angle adjustment!

4, the rear horizontal adjustment scale: easy to adjust the arm level.

5, guideway scale indication: it is necessary to repeat a certain piece of music for the convenience of PK equipment.


The motor, gas pump, and control part: the use of the touch panel, in theory, can be infinite life! A real-time speed display

can intuitively monitor the real-time speed of the turntable! The motor uses the newly developed control system,

the speed is accurate and stable, 33 and 45 can be switched on the panel directly, and can be fine-tuned!

The air pump has been optimized and improved. It can be said that no noise can be heard, and the life of the air pump has been greatly extended.

Net weight: 48kg 

Size: 550w*460d*270h

Gross weight: 88kg, two packages

Note: Buyer needs to pay import tariff, Thank you!

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