Gick Handmade Passive Monitoring Control Passive Preamp (Without Gain )

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Gick Handmade Passive Monitoring Control Passive Preamp (Without Gain )

Output impedance>80 ohm.
We recommend 100-600 ohms to best match
1. Gick audio and PSI Audio design.
2. Pure passive monitoring control
(No need to plug in)
3. 6 Wafer H bridge 25th bridge attenuation
4. 600:600 lossless sound quality
5. Handmade, Neutrik silver plated plug
6. Aluminum shell
7. Comply with ROHS environmental
protection requirements

DIM:-22db attenuation
MONO: Mono switch
A、B: source switching
MUTE: Mute switch

Maximum input level:+30dBu
Maximum output level:+30dBu
Input impedances: Balanced 600ohm
Output impedances: Balanced 600ohm
Gain range:+24dB to -44dB
THD+N maximum volume:<0.0005%
Frequency: full range

Bridged-Tee Attenuator The design advantage is that each gear's input and output impedance is constant, so there will be no different sounds in different gears.

There is no circuit board. This is very clear in order to avoid the influence of the inter-board capacitance of the PCB on the high frequency. After all, the passive design has no buffer.

The pure scaffolding design consumes labor costs. Gick also completed this high-cost PM-1 for sound quality at any cost.

Gick PM-1 disassembly diagram, Japan Fuji band switch, Japan Mitsukoshi toggle switch, Switzerland Neutrik XLR interface, all oxygen-free copper internal connect line!

Size: W245X D 180X H70 (mm)
Weight: 3.5kg
Packing size: W314X D300X H145 (mm)
Gross weight: 5kg
Note: Buyer needs to pay import tariff, Thank you!