Kwan's K6 classic tube amp

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Kwan's K6 classic tube amp

-Since 1989


Suitable for British speakers and horn speakers

Transparent, delicate, and fresh. Full of charm, loose overall, clear sound field positioning, clear layers, and dynamic organization is great!

The 15Ω special version for 15Ω 3/5A, antique 15Ω, 16Ω speakers.
The special version output is 8Ω, 15Ω,
The normal version output is 4Ω, 8Ω.

Basic parameters:
Output power: 25W
Use electron tube: 6F2 X2, 6P3P X4
Dimensions: 405 X 270 X 180 (mm)
Weight: 16.5kg
Packing volume: 520 X 380 X 320 (mm)
Gross weight: 18.5kg

Warranty: One year

Note: Buyer needs to pay import tariff, Thank you!