Raphaelite 300B tube Single-ended integrated amplifier

Raphaelite 300B tube Single-ended integrated amplifier

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Raphaelite 300B tube Single-ended integrated amplifier

Classic Western Electric circuit

Plug-in permalloy pre-stage transformer input,
Jumper connection as an excellent power amp.

Backlight ammeter can detect 300B working state

Solid aluminum remote control, motor ALPS potentiometer

Protection of the high-voltage delay tube, easy to upgrade more tubes

Advanced Rhodium-plated speaker post

Fully coupled output transformer, In 4-8-16 Ω all can have a good sound

To further increase the gain, use a pair of permeable permalloy wideband input transformers at the signal input, which can be used or can not be used.
When we unplug the permalloy input transformer,
And then use the jumper as a separate power amplifier.

Input Sensitivity 450mV
Output Power 2*8W (RMS)
Signal to noise ratio 80dB
Input resistance 1KΩ
Output resistance 4Ω,8Ω
Input voltage AC220V/230V
Power consumption 130W
Frequency response 15Hz-25KHz-3dB
Electron tube SHU GUANG 300B98*2, SHU GUANG 5Z3*1,SHU GUANG 6J8P*2
volume 44*34*22 cm
weight 23KG
Packaging volume 55*45*32 cm
Gross weight 26KG

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